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REALITY — Is it worth looking for?

September 5, 2009

There is another world, and this is it. (Paul Elhuard, surrealist poet)


Why does this look like a real peacock when the picture in The Union from which it was copied was faded and lacked almost all color? How could the scanner + the computer restore reality? How can I use the word “restore” when there was much less reality to the original picture than after the “restoration”? How can I use the word “reality” when I did not even see the peacock shown on the picture? Where does the reality lie? Is or was there any reality to begin with?   Faded picture almost without color. If this is a restoration, actually what has been restored? Etc. etc.

In her excellent book Jung and Tarot, Sallie Nichols points out a question raised in Heisenbergs Uncertainty Principle which raises the questions alluded to in our title.

Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle has destroyed many fixed boundaries with which man formerly marked out various aspects of reality, and the uncertainty is reflected in the language of science in an astonishing way. Since it is now accepted that subatomic particles cannot be accurately defined in time and space, physicists today speak of them as having a “tendency to exist.” Following this through to its logical conclusion has brought with it the horrifying realization that we, too, have only a “tendency to exist.” The minute particles which constitute our bodies are in constant interaction with those which comprise the people and objects of our environment. Just as we interact constantly with our environment through breathing, perspiration,  and elimination, so also are our  seemingly solid bodies in constant interaction with everything around us. Our existence as individual entities has become, at best, merely a statistical probablity. (more…)