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Linking the Conscious with the Unconscious Mind

August 7, 2012


The little girl had a dream that she was having a conversation with her grandmother. In it she told her grandmother, “Grandmama, I can make myself disappear.” Her grandmother replied, “Nonsense, child, no one can do that!” This reply upset the child so she woke up. After thinking about it for a while, she fell asleep again and, as sometimes happens, she re-entered the same dream. Her grandmother stared at her in shock and said. “Lord, child, how did you do that?”

For years, I thought of this as an amusing tale, which it is, but it is actually much more. Long before I ran across it, I had asked Hermes in an active imagination why it is that when one asks for something, one may or may not get it, and if one does, it is frequently in the form of a disaster. He replied in the form which is most common with him; that is, with a metaphor. The answer did have a literal meaning; that was that I should carefully explain to him why I wanted it, if it was necessary for me in my life, and give him any details necessary, because, he said, he can not know my life except through what I describe to him in words,  and also through my dreams. (more…)