About Jack Meier

Jack Meier, age 89, died in 2016 only a month after teaching what he declared was his last “Myth as Metaphor” seminar. He will be greatly missed by all who knew him. He now walks with Hermes in the greater field of reality, where he can at last answer, “Who are you?” Friends of Jack will continue to post the texts of his seminars.

Jack Meier taught Latin, History, Myth, Psychology and several other subjects at Lowell High School in San Francisco for twenty-five years. He retired then to the Sierra Foothills where he led a monthly seminar group in Myth as Metaphor.

After getting a BA w/honors from Swarthmore  College, he got an MA at University of Iowa. While teaching at Lowell, he attended many lectures and workshops in San Francisco as well as a week-long workshop given by Joseph Campbell. Through such contacts as these and much reading and experiences mentioned in the accompanying articles, he got into this field.

Here’s Jack around 1960 teaching a class at Lowell –


3 Comments on “About Jack Meier”

  1. Jamie Says:

    Hi Jack,
    I JUST learned about your group here in Nevada County! I am so interested in attending, if there’s any room. FYI, my undergrad was humanties with a concentration in religious studies (vendanta hinduisim/christian mysticism/neo-platonism are my interests). I’m a Sandplay therapist with an arts-based practice. Suppose I’m telling you this so you know that I am grounded in Jungian thought and wouldn’t be lost if I was able to join your group midstream….hope to hear from you. jamie lynne 530.273.3844 email: jamielynne@magney.org

  2. Steve Ross Says:

    Dear Mr. Meier: I was in your homeroom about the time the photo of you at Lowell on this page was taken. I thought of you this week after buying a CD set of Beethoven’s complete symphonies conducted by Toscanini. You may not remember, but you were kind enough to offer to loan me your LP set of those symphonies, my first introduction to the entire set and probably my introduction to Toscanini as well. Thinking about that, your offer was pretty amazing, given that the LPs had only been released for a few years and were probably one of your personal treasures. A belated thank you for that, although I probably thanked you at the time. It only took me 50 years to buy my own! Oh well. Some of us sleep late.

    Best wishes, Steve Ross

  3. […] I posted this morning, I’ve read a paper by my friend Jack Meier in which he explains the reason I felt compelled to add Van Gogh’s olive trees to this […]

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